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Q) Is the state testing fee included in the cost for the class?
A) No, the state charges $155.00 for the test, and the department of health charges around $80.00 criminal background check.

Q) Are there any other fees involved?
A) Yes, there is a deposit of $60.00(cash) for the text book--if you do not want to keep the book and have not written in it we will refund your $50.00 on the last day of class.

Q) Who gives the state test?
A) Florida contracts with Prometric to administer the test. Their web address Phone number--888-277-3500

Q) Can I take the test at your facility?
A) Yes, we are a regional test site, anyone may test here, or you may take it at a regional site anywhere in the state of Florida. It is the same test and same price either way.

Q) How long will it be before I can take the test?
A) The test is scheduled by Prometric and can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days from the time you pay the fees and do the application for testing..

Q) How do i register for the class?
A) You may register on-line at our website or come directly to the class during class hours and someone will be able to help you.

Q) What types of payment do you accept?
A) No personal checks. We accept cash, money orders, debit or credit cards.

Q) Does the tuition have to be paid before I can start the class?
A) Yes, tuition must be paid in full before you can start.

Q) What do I need to bring to class and do I need to wear scrubs to class?
A) Bring a notebook to take notes. We do not have a dress code, wear something comfortable.

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