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You are about to go to our written test portion of the course.

Before you do we wish to make sure you understand excatly how it works.

When you get to the site, in order to start you will need to sign up (register)

From then on you can use log in

OPTION 1:          Click here to go to online class web site

Using the web site your about to go to you may take the written portion of the class online.
For the written portion of the class you will be charged a non-refundable class fee of $140.
The teaching site will charge you this automatically when you register to take the class.

Once you have completed the written portion, you will need to return to the Halifax Academy
for Caregivers web site to register for and pay $300 the fee so you may attend the in person,
live training portion of the class.

OPTION 2:          Click here to register for entirely live class

If you prefer to do the entire class in person you may sign up now for only $440.
A $140 NON-REFUNDABLE*** deposit is required to reserve a seat in the time slot
of your choice (The $140 is applied to the $440 total, so your balance due is $300).
The use of the book is included.

*** The $140 will be forfeit (you will give up your $140 deposit)
for cancelations, or if you dont show up for class.

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